$10 Commissions & MORE!

I have a bunch of things leftover from when I closed my Etsy shop back in March, and I am looking to get rid of them and make some extra cash for the holidays! So I have put together sets & lots and listed them on my facebook page, most for just $15 each — including S&H! Click through for more info:

Send me your idea & $10 and I'll send you a little drawing!

And here's the fine print, even though it's still the same size...

Paypal $10 and your idea to and I will create a 5x7 or smaller work of art for you! Yes, bookmarks too! These will be quick drawings, with maybe a little ink or paint, all to be mailed out in time for Christmas.

US addresses only, but as usual, if you're in another country and really want one, let me know & I'll check additional postage.

AND if you're ordering a set from I'll knock off $5 and ship them together!

Fall Impressions at Faerie Gardens

As summers humid oppressiveness wears thin, thoughts of fall’s cool breezes stir our souls. Here at Faerie Gardens, the change of seasons is always a time to both contemplate and celebrate. This year we will be doing both with our new Fall Impressions line. Featuring both original one of a kind pieces....

Shining Sun, Happy Rainbow Sherbet, Sweet Cupcake, and Geek Atom

...and new custom orders with stamped or quilted impressions of those things that move us in the autumn season.

Made to your specifications!

These beautiful works of art are our way of sharing our joyful journey watching the leaves change, feeling the temperature drop, smelling the fallen leaves as we hear them crunch under our feet, and tasting the bounty of the autumn harvest in this colorful season! Click here to visit Faerie Gardens now!
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Faerie Garden Fancies must reduce their inventory! We have TONS of delightful items that are 50% OFF in our C L E A R A N C E section RIGHT NOW!

No coupon codes, no adjusted invoices, just 50% off everything in the C L E A R A N C E section!

This is to make way for a new summer product line that we will be announcing in the near future! Check us out at Faerie Gardens Fancies and enjoy the clearance sale prices.
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Calvin & Hobbes Winter

Full Moon Tree of Life Pendant Trilogy

My Under A Halloween Moon tree of life pendant has been a HUGE success for me. People really love it. And in the past, I've offered other versions of the "full moon" style on a very limited, custom order basis. That, however, has changed.

Now you can also order two additional versions; Under A Full Moon (silver wire with a white moon) AND "Once In A Blue Moon" (silver wire with a blue moon.) This completes my full moon "trilogy" as it were. ;)

All three are now permanently available as made-to-order pieces in the shop!

Faerie Garden Fancies introduces Cobblestone Critters!

The latest additions at Faerie Garden Fancies, including Cobblestone Critters!

Cobblestone Critters are fanciful stones turned into precious pet pendants. Super cute and easy to care for these whimsical pets are sure to work their way into your heart. Choose a favorite critter, a totem animal, or the one that seems most in need of a good home. Each critter is hand painted on a naturally found stone, working with the stone's essence to bring a sense of life to your pet. Each has been sealed for durability and a pendant bail has been securely attached. Just add your favorite chain or a pretty ribbon to keep your Cobblestone Critter close to your heart.
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Guess what...

I'm giving you a discount...

SHHHH! Don't tell anyone...

Just because I think we could all use a little encouragement to get Mom something nice - and I think we've got a nice selection at Faerie Garden Fancies - you can get 20% OFF, just by entering the coupon code ILOVEMOM2012 when you check out.

Oh yes you heard me right!

Head over to Faerie Garden Fancies, pick out something nice for Mom - or if you *are* the mom, get something nice for yourself - and use the coupon code ILOVEMOM2012 when you check out, and get TWENTY PERCENT OFF.

I'll ship your order within a week, and can even gift wrap it and ship it right to your mom if she's not in your area! Just add a note to that effect...

Now don't wait til the last minute on this, that code (ILOVEMOM2012) is only good until MAY 1st, so act now! (Wow, cheesy commercial ending there, eh? XD)

Some of the great gifts waiting for you at Faerie Garden Fancies...

1. Lilacs, Ivy, and Pearls Brooch; 2. Set of 3 Blank Nature Note Cards - Goldfinch, Wild Rose, Feather;
3. Cute Sunshine & Rainbow on a Rock; and 4. Marshmallow Bunny Rabbit Bookmark.
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